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Introductory courses

Another way of trying out the Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique is generally best learnt through one-to-one lessons but some people prefer to find out about it first in a group setting.  


These short courses are taught in small groups of around six people, in sessions of 90 minutes.  They'll introduce you to the Technique through explanation and demonstration and will give you some hands-on experience of how it can feel.  If you find it suits you, you'll probably want to go on to take one-to-one lessons.


Simon Fenn Alexander Technique
Classes at Chipping Norton Physio

Periodic short courses during the day and in the evenings at this popular physiotherapy practice in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.  These are aimed at beginners and people who want to refresh their aquaintance with the Alexander Technique.


Please see Classes at CN Physio for detailed information about the next available course.

Tailor-made courses and presentations
  • Workplace training to address occupational health issues such as RSI, "tech neck" and back pain;

  • Briefings for healthcare professionals such as GPs, physiotherapists, Parkinson's nurses;

  • Introductory sessions for support groups and special interest groups such as Parkinson's UK, Pilates instructors, musicians and music teachers;


To find out how this might work for you, please use the Contact page or email directly to <>.

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